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Marijuana: A Safer Alternative to Alcohol and Other Drugs

Researchers recently confirmed what previous studies have long been indicating. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, using a novel method to determine mortality risk associated with various legal and illegal substances, scientists conclude that of all the drugs tested, alcohol is the most deadly. Perhaps surprisingly to some, certainly not all, cannabis proves the safest.  The study revealed that, at the individual level, alcohol comes with the highest risk of dying, followed by nicotine, then cocaine, and then heroin. This suggests society has long been underestimating the risks of drinking alcohol. Weed, however, sits on the other side of the spectrum entirely. These findings support prior research, lots of it, that consistently shows cannabis to be the safest recreational drug.  Impact of Scientific Study While the increasing range for marijuana delivery may not be what the government wants to do, these results only emphasize the need for scientific …

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