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6 Reasons To Ditch Prescriptions For Weed

More and more, almost daily now, scientists are uncovering new therapeutic uses for cannabis. Medically, it seems a wonder drug, just a natural one. Unlike prescription drugs, the health benefits of marijuana are seemingly endless. It promises no dangerous side effects and no risk of death. Cannabis is completely safe to consume, and it turns out that it contains a wealth of medicinal value too. In fact, science is proving cannabis just as effective, if not more so, than prescription drugs at treating most symptoms of most ailments. Burgeoning research is exploring the health conditions most suited to cannabis therapy, and how, in definite cases, it goes one up by outperforming conventional medicines. Despite this, evidence is still rare, mostly because of strict federal oversight of prohibited pot research. Health Benefits of Pot According to Sue Sisley, a researcher and doctor at the University of Arizona, “Millions of patients are …

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