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The Problems with Growing Illegally on Park Lands

In July 2011, park rangers seized more than 3,500 marijuana plants growing in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. They were thriving in 9.6 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Officials from the National Park Service, California State Park, and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority took two weeks to clean the site up, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. They hauled nearly a ton of trash out of the area, as well as over 3,500 of the best marijuana for anxiety. It took ages for them to restore the area back to its natural condition. Cultivators were diverting water from a nearby creek in order to irrigate these plants, and they had cut back huge swathes of native vegetation to create space for these plants. This is not the only case. There are many, many others. Illegally Growing Marijuana Santa Monica It is common for …

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