best weed strains for anxiety

Tips to Finding the Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Many people suffer from debilitating panic attacks and anxiety. For some, it is so bad that they live in a constant state of borderline panic. Fortunately, the best marijuana strains for anxiety treat it most effectively, and you can find most of them at your favorite online dispensary. If you suffer from this condition, then know that several strains exist to treat anxiety specifically, and all are of finest quality. Popular Cannabis Strains for Anxiety The basic rule when treating anxiety is to avoid Sativa strains. The effects of Sativa are energizing, which is not typically helpful for nervousness. In fact, Sativa can make it worse. It is wiser to use Indica strains to treat this condition, but Indica makes you drowsy and unproductive. For many, the best solution is a hybrid strain with more Indica than Sativa. So which are the best marijuana strains for anxiety? Gorilla Glue This …

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