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Illegal Pot Shops Undercutting California’s Legal Market

Under a wafting smell of marijuana, a constant stream of customers entered a warehouse, bars covering its windows and doors. Without warning, police swopped in, shouting, “Sheriff’s department! Search warrant!” Officials thundered their way through the door, handcuffed whomever they found there, and started hauling people out. Earlier this spring, police raided the Compton 20 Cap Collective in the south of Los Angeles, just one of hundreds of illegal pot shops operating in the county. However, only those aged 21-years or older can use its legal market and retailers must have a license to sell weed to them. This was not the case here. California began its broad legalization of marijuana as the year started. From the outset, concern was rife that the state’s enormous black market, which has been thriving for decades, would undercut its legal one, and this is exactly what is happening. Nowhere is the problem bigger …

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