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How Many Countries Legalized Cannabis in 2019?

Today, only two countries in the world have Legalized Cannabis for recreational use. Canada and Uruguay. Around 26 countries allow marijuana use somewhat, whether medicinally or just through lack of enforcing criminal laws. Some, like Jamaica and Belize, for example, have decriminalized the plant, while still others do not allow it, but have no penalties in place against those who choose to use it. On a global level, most progress on Legalized Cannabis relates to medicinal use. Several countries are on the brink of legalizing for commercial purposes, including Thailand, China, and even some Middle Eastern countries, like Iraq, but have yet to actually do so. Now, a third country is likely to legalize recreational use by year’s end. If so, Mexico will be the only country to do so in 2019. Global Recreational Cannabis Although Mexico has been struggling with illegal drugs for decades, there is a strong likelihood …

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