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Recreational Marijuana: Effect In the Workplace

With more and more states legalizing cannabis, even whole countries too, and a federal relaxing of laws predictable for the future, the practicalities of a stoned populace are now coming into play. From driving “high” to get a firearm license, regulators are tightening on the noose on this newly legal plant in quite a few not-so-subtle ways. However, there is some cause for concern, specifically in the workplace. Unless an entire workforce is all smoking energetic Sativas that get the job done, it more likely employers face a list of serious problems when their employees get high at work. Productivity is a major problem, and if you are a true stoner, you know there is no denying this. There is also safety worries, like operating heavy machinery impaired, even opening a filing cabinet. These are all notable concerns. Furthermore, testing a workforce for company drug policy has its own disadvantages. …

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