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The verdict is out, No more Cultivation of Marijuana in Calaveras County

Calaveras County supervisory board has voted in support of a ban on marijuana cultivation. What does this imply to marijuana farmers and what steps will they take in response? Calaveras County of California used to be one of the most weed friendly Counties from Northern California. Unfortunately the county has reversed the previous stand and banned commercial weed farms from operating. This has resulted into a number of lawsuits from previous marijuana farmers who paid taxes and had permits. A supervisory board appointed in Calaveras County took a vote in favor of banning marijuana. The resolution by way of majority (3 to 2) saw around 200 legal marijuana farmers given 3 months to shut down their weed farming operations. This Calaveras County resolution came barely 1 month following authorization of recreational marijuana retail sales in California counties and cities. Some regions in California found it fit to approve marijuana operations …

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