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Propositions Used to Legalize Marijuana in the United States

The United States is taking on a new form of going green. Just twenty years ago, cannabis was illegal throughout the country, in all 50 states. Now, states have and are writing broad legislation to permit its use in some form or another. Like dominoes, states are toppling one by one, succumbing to demand for weed, already even marijuana delivery service. These dominoes continue falling, with no sign of slowing.  Legalization vs. Decriminalization Legalizing marijuana is not the same is decriminalizing it. However, states are doing either-or. What does this mean? States that decriminalize pot are relaxing criminal laws related to personal use. Oregon was the first to do this back in 1973, opting to fine folks $100 for carrying less than an ounce, as opposed to charging them criminally and putting them in jail.  Over the next two decades, after Oregon decriminalized, at least several other states followed suit. However, …

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