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Aquaponics: A New Way of Farming Cannabis

Aquaponics is a cultivation method that joins two compatible systems into a working symbiotic relationship. The result is such quality that these buds are fast becoming preferable over all others for weed delivery. It combines aquaculture, which is fish farming, with hydroponics, a technique for growing cannabis without any soil. It is, without doubt, the best and most sustainable system for huge buds. What is more, you get to choose which fish you want to farm. Many different species will work, the most common of which include tilapia, koi, bluegill, and even shellfish. When you combine hydroponics with aquaculture, you end up with an almost entirely closed loop system that provides you with both fish and plants for consumption. You can choose your plants too. Vegetables also thrive. Understanding Aquaponics The setup for an aquaponics system is almost an exact replica of a hydroponic setup. The only real difference is …

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