Expounding on the Role of Attorneys in relation to the Cannabis Industry

Marijuana for recreational use is now decriminalized in California. However, the federal government still considers marijuana illegal regardless of the use. Therefore, state’s lawyers have to deal with serious ethical matters revolving around the legal fog that still is a major challenge to the latest reforms on weed. Marijuana advocates got a resounding victory on November 8, 2016 during the elections that saw five states legalize marijuana for recreational use. These included Maine, California, Nevada, Arizona and Massachusetts. Four other states voted in measures to decriminalize medical cannabis. It was a time of celebration for marijuana users in these states that have now become marijuana-friendly according to the states laws and regulations. Many hopefuls believe that the recent developments on the issue of marijuana are a turning point for the national government.  Going back to the campaign period, Trump told the Washington Post that he considered the issue of cannabis …

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