Canada legalizes marijuana

Canadian Military to Restrict Cannabis Use, Not Ban It Outright

When Canada legalizes marijuana, which it plans to do very shortly, it will not be in a position to ban its military completely from using it recreationally. However, according to a senior commander in its forces, it definitely intends restricting cannabis use, and these limitations will be more wide-ranging than its current policy that governs the use of alcohol. Currently, C-45, a draft policy, is just waiting for the Liberal government to pass it. C-45, which is the bill to legalize marijuana in Canada, left the Senate last week with a long list of amendments and is on its way back to the House of Commons. In a recent interview, Lieutenant-General Chuck Lamarre, who is chief of military personnel, said the new policy “allows us to respect the law.” However, Lamarre pointed out that, “At the same time, I think Canadians are expecting our operational readiness, and our ability to …

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