Canada’s Weed Industry

How 4 Pot Stocks Might Control Half of Canada’s Weed Industry

In just five weeks, the biggest milestone in cannabis history will become reality. Despite enormous leaps, such as Uruguay becoming the first country on earth to legalize weed recreationally and California spearheading revolution by legalizing medical pot in 1996, it is what Canada does next when it legalizes adult-use pot that will really make history books. Once the industry opens and weed is legal in Canada, experts predict that its recreational market will rake in annual sales of near $5 billion. That is an unspeakably large amount of cash, and it will very likely make weed stocks insanely lucrative. However, what few actually realize is that only a handful of cultivators will be receiving most of these profits. Competition will be tough, but what comes next is the very definition of a monopoly. Despite Health Canada issuing 116 licenses already for the cultivation, retail, and production of cannabis by the …

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