FDA Rejects Attempts to Restrict Marijuana Further

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration, or the FDA, denied a request by Drug Watch International to place cannabis and its derivatives on a restricted list of substances not “generally recognized as safe and effective.” In a letter sent to the group on Monday, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Janet Woodcock, said the move is “not necessary for the protection of public health.” The organization, which is very anti-legalization, filed its request back in December already, writing that approving the move would “send an industry-wide warning to the estimated 33,000 marijuana businesses in the U.S., many of which are making unsupported medical claims for marijuana and THC drug products sold as ‘medical marijuana.’” In its petition, the group pleaded with the FDA to take measures that would “reduce or end the ability of over-the-counter sellers of these drugs to assert and advertise unsupported medical claims …

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