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Best Storage Practices for Marijuana in Santa Monica

Because marijuana is organic, it will degrade over time, particularly if exposed to the elements, and the elements in California can be a mite extreme. If you order marijuana delivery Santa Monica and surrounds, then you want to avoid mold and similar fates for your likely pricey stash. Storing cannabis properly is vital. As organic matter, it decomposes with exposure to light, heat, and damp. You can prevent this from happening for as long as you store it correctly. In fact, marijuana is much like wine: If you store it right, you are essentially lengthening the curing process, so it will actually get more potent and tasty with time. Consider investing in a few storage jars. Glass works best, but you can search online for other storage containers too. Here are some storage tips for Weed Delivery Santa Monica: Keep It Dark All cannabis storage must occur in the dark. …

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