Cannabis at Cellular Level

Scientists Find Brain’s Reward Pathway for Cannabis at Cellular Level

The fact that marijuana can be addictive is not a secret, and it has not been for many years now. Psychologists, behavioral experts, and scientists all know of its addictive nature. However, pot is not addictive in the same way that heroin and opioid prescriptions are. It is more like having a coffee or sugar dependency. Now, new research illustrates just how marijuana can affect our brains. A team of neuroscientists recently conducted a study to determine how “long-term exposure” to marijuana and its active compounds could influence the way brain cells to respond toward addiction. The group found that the neurons under research changed over time. The study occurred in a strange location: Brigham Young University, long affiliated with the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-Day Saints. Jeff Edwards, a neuroscientist at Brigham Young University, said that, “In general, we downplay marijuana a bit; but really, it is less …

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