Cannabis Based Pharmaceutical Drugs

Top 10 Cannabis Based Pharmaceutical Drugs

  If ever you were confused about whether or not marijuana has actual medical purposes, consider what medical professionals say. Medical marijuana has been used to treat pain and other ailments for years. There is no place that this is more evident than the pharmacy. There are a variety of different cannabis-based pharma drugs that need little more than a prescription. Here are the top 10 cannabis-based pharmaceutical drugs that are available on the market now. 1. Rimonabant Rimonabant was marketed as an anti-obesity cannabis-based pharma drug. Using this pill in tandem with diet and moderate exercise, the hope was that patients would lose weight. The secret is in the special chemical compound that makes up this medicine. Because this medicine was infused with cannabis, many patients had experienced minor psychedelic side effects. 2. Dexanabinol One of the biggest benefits of cannabis is its cancer-fighting properties. While there are still …

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