Cannabis Cafes

Are Cannabis Cafes the Next Step to Marijuana Reform ?

We have all seen the movie where an American travels to Amsterdam for the first time.  They get to experience the best of marijuana while sitting in a trendy café.  With a cup of coffee in one hand and a lit joint in the other, life seems simple.  However, here in the states it seems like we are far away from this utopia.  But, we may be closer than you think. Most recently Massachusetts has taken steps to turn this cannabis dream into a reality.  Boston has set up a panel of experts known as The Cannabis Control Commission.  This panel is rounded with five marijuana experts who are trying to elevate the marijuana game in Boston. The business they are proposing is one that will offer not only smokeable marijuana products, but edibles as well.  Unlike a dispensary, this will be a safe place for patients to partake in …

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