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5 Must-Attend Cannabis Investment Summits

If you ever attend more than one event in the marijuana industry, you will likely notice a range of similarities: The same speakers from the same companies talk about the same subjects to the same audience members. Despite this, weed events are skyrocketing in popularity, with everyone claiming their cannabis business summit unique, even though they seldom are. This is why, in just the United States alone; there are now over 500 listings for industry events. The same applies to investor-focused conferences, of which more than 200 now occur in the United States each year. Even with all the repetition, tickets for these events cost a small fortune. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $2,000 to attend them. Since most cannot afford to go to them all, one must choose. Picking a Cannabis Investment Summit With so much ado about these cannabis business events, which ones are actually worth …

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