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California Could be crowned King of the Cannabis Crop

California’s cannabis culture has been leading the pack nationwide for many years, and now that its recreational use has been legalized the state is expected to become king of the crop. January 1, 2018, heralded a new era of legalized pot smoking and ushered in a burgeoning growth market that is expected to inject about $1 billion in tax revenues into California state coffers. Predicted windfalls According to a recent report by BDS Analytics, legalizing pot is expected to land California substantial financial windfalls which will include: —–> A $3.7 billion cannabis market by the end of 2018. —–> By 2019, cannabis sales are expected to reach 5.1% billion, rivalling the sale of beers. —–> Tax revenue of $1.4 billion by 2021. Reasons why California will become the epi-center of the US cannabis market According to David Argudo, the CEO of High Hampton Holdings in the state, there are several reasons why California …

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