cannabis dabbing master

Cannabis Guide to Becoming a Dabbing Master

Even the best of us fall behind when it comes to the latest and greatest cannabis trends.  There are so many ways to consume cannabis that it may give you anxiety to try something new.  However, you may be missing out on some seriously amazing marijuana experiences. While dabbing has been around for a decade, it has really picked up steam these past couple years.  But, what is dabbing?  By now you have surely seen these waxy concentrates for sale at your local dispensary.  However, knowing what they are and how to use them takes a little bit of work.  So, clear your schedule.  Here is everything you need to know to become a cannabis dabbing master. What is dabbing? Dabbing referrers to using cannabis in a highly concentrated form also known as dabs.  These wax like substances are made in a special way to delivery an intense high.  It …

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