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Choosing Marijuana Seeds: Feminized or Autoflowering?

A successful harvest means considering several important factors before you even plant cannabis. Failure to do that will have you searching for “weed delivery near me” in no time at all. Choosing the right strain for you is but one of them, albeit a crucial one, but choosing the right seeds makes all the difference too. However, seeds can be confusing, certainly challenging, for newbies to growing.  Not knowing what type of seeds you are dealing with can cause all sorts of problems later and quickly turn your growing experience sour if you end up with the wrong ones. There are big differences between feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering ones. You should know them and know them well if you intend growing your own marijuana at home.  Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflowering Seeds: The Difference Before spending any money, familiarize yourself with the primary differences between feminized and autoflowering seeds. Feminized …

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