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Cannabis and Its Journey Across the World

Cannabis has been part of human record for over 10 000 years. Many cultures grew it. They ate its seeds, made rope, textiles, and other materials from its fibers, used its flowers for medicine, and even enjoyed its “high” for spiritual occasions. It was useful back then. People knew well its properties. Today, while we search Google for “cannabis delivery Los Angeles”, scientists are relearning them.  Origins of Cannabis It is likely that cannabis originated in Central Asia. Certainly, records show it in China, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Russia. It was a staple crop already 6 000 years ago. As warm weather urged migration out of these areas, people took it with them, spreading its seeds wherever they went. From Central Asia, it went to the Middle East. It went to the African east coast. Southeast Asia too.  Eventually, centuries later, cannabis would make its way into Europe and …

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