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Santa Barbara City Council to Allow 5 Recreational Marijuana Storefronts

There have been plenty of business owners hoping to get in on the ground floor when it comes to recreational marijuana sales.  While larger and more progressive cities like Los Angeles are leading the way, they are not the only ones.  Santa Barbara is on their way to granting permits to up to five recreational marijuana storefronts. While this process began long ago, it wasn’t an easy one for hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs to undertake.  Santa Barbara has not been immune to the struggles that this revolutionary law change has brought on.  Most notably, is the logistics when it comes to allowing these certain storefronts to be showcased. Perhaps the biggest setback for this endeavor is the push back from the people who live Santa Barbara.  This all played out live in front of a town hall where representatives were faced with a ton of questions.  Neighbors were able to voice …

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