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Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Weed

Just two or three decades ago, cooking with weed was underground. Nobody really knew about edibles, since the subject itself was taboo, reserved exclusively for die-hard stoners. All we knew was its giggly, starving, and psychoactive effects, but now, with science discovering more about cannabis plants, you have an arsenal of detailed knowledge about it’s many, many of proven medicinal properties. These days, cooking with pot is extremely classy. Dinner parties are the latest trend. You can order edibles from many a weed delivery service in Los Angeles. Simply type “weed delivery near me” into Google; or just make your own tasty dishes at home. The list of ideas is nearly endless. Recipes abound online. So why this sensational popularity? The answer lies in the health benefits of eating weed: It Contains THCA Eating weed does not have to be psychoactive. In fact, consuming raw cannabis will not make you …

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