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Effective Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Germination, or popping, refers to the process of a plant sprouting from seed. It is the first step you will ever take when growing your own cannabis garden. You can buy seeds from a myriad of sources, but they vary in quality. If quality and genetic diversity are important to you, which they should be, then online seed banks offer the most promise, and they will send it via regular cannabis delivery.  When buying cannabis seeds, you want mature seeds, those dark brown with light accents and hard outer shells. Green, fresh seeds are still immature and not ready. According to NORML, the law allows you to grow six mature plants, so once you have seeds, it is time to prepare a grow space. It is advisable to plan your grow space, your time schedule, and your garden’s intentions before you buy your seeds.  How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Before …

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