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Why Small Californian Cannabis Growers Continue to Struggle in the Shadows ?

CALIFORNIA – More than one month has passed since California allowed marijuana agriculturists to grow and cultivate cannabis and only a handful of individuals have applied for licenses to grow legally. Naturally, these statistics are causing concern for California’s transmission into the legal and regulated cannabis market. The tax income is predicted at a tantalizing $1 billion. Only one percent of the more than sixty-eight thousand marijuana farmers in the golden state have received this new permit to grow legal weed. This latest statistic is according to the California Growers Association. The reasons for the farmers to remain in the black market can only be speculated about at this point in time however this report from the California Growers Association declares a couple of causes for this lack of licenses. Even though it is now legal on the state level to cultivate marijuana, there are a couple reasons that seem …

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