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Will Minority Communities Benefit From California Marijuana Law Reforms ?

The District Attorney of San Francisco, George Gascon, said they want to “address the wrongs that were caused by the failures of the war on drugs for many years in this country and begin to fix the harm that was done not only to the entire nation but specifically to communities of color.” He announced on Feb. 1, that his office will start assessing about 8,000 marijuana-related cases dating back to 1975, and prosecutors will be dismissing and reducing convictions en masse. Gascon was also reported to have said that he hopes this action would “spark a trend” in California. Before recreational marijuana became legal in California, pot-related felonies had grown into multiple thousands in the last two decades. The legalization of recreational marijuana which happened recently in California with the passing of Proposition 64 allows people with past pot-related criminal records to petition the court for a dismissal, or …

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