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Best Storage Tips for Keeping Marijuana Fresh

As an organic material, marijuana degrades quickly if left to the elements. Even if not, it still degrades over time. Fortunately, if you store it correctly, you can preserve its freshness for months, if not years. California endures some of the harshest climates in the country. You certainly do not want your pricy stash getting moldy or otherwise ruined. Proper storage is vital. You want to avoid damp, heat, and light.Fortunately, this is easily achievable. You can keep your marijuana fresh for as long as you store it the right way. In fact, cannabis is like a fine wine: Storing it properly will lengthen the curing process and make your pot tastier and more potent. Invest in some quality storage jars, preferably glass. It just works best, but there are other storage ideas online too. Whatever you choose, just remember the following tips: Avoid Light Light can degrade cannabis very …

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