cannabis pruning tips

Cannabis Pruning Tips for Maximizing Yield

Pruning is an integral part of cultivating cannabis, an essential process that increases both the yield and quality of your plants. This intimate act between growers and their plants also gives you a chance to examine your plants closely and give them a proper health check. For some, primarily newbies, pruning can feel like a betrayal, especially initially. However, it is not. Pruning is crucial if you want the best buds. Why Prune Cannabis? Pruning is important for a few reasons. A healthy plant with plenty of foliage will block sunlight to all of the buds underneath them, preventing these buds from receiving the light they need to grow bigger and more potent, leaving you still reliant on weed delivery. According to ResearchGate, by thinning out this foliage, you can allow more sunlight to penetrate the canopy and reach the buds below.  Furthermore, you want plants to focus their energy …

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