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World Embracing New Marijuana Grow Technologies

For quite some time now, the marijuana industry has been gaining momentum, not just across the United States, but also across the world. Marijuana legalization is spreading, and spreading quickly. Supply and demand is now a real issue, and new technology within the market is helping the industry perform better than previously imagined. In the past, during prohibition, the local cannabis shop was illegal. Cultivators were growing in hiding and doing so from seed. Now, you can walk into any weed dispensary in a legal state and buy what you want. Growers have had to change cultivation methods to increase yield and supply an ever-increasing demand. It started with new techniques, such as Sea of Green and cloning. Hydroponics came next. Now, according to investors, the key to growth is technology, particularly emerging technologies, and especially cultivation techniques. The latest science to hit the cannabis market promises an entirely new …

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