Cannabis Topicals for Eczema

How Cannabis Topicals Effectively Treat Eczema

Scientists are continuously discovering an ever-growing number of therapeutic applications for cannabis. Dermatologists in states with legalized medical marijuana are now recommending cannabis to patients with a variety of skin problems, including acne, psoriasis, and yes, even eczema. Sufficient evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, exists to prove cannabis an effective and natural treatment.  Understanding Eczema Before hastily ordering marijuana delivery, however, it is important to understand what eczema is and how cannabis works to relieve it. The condition encompasses various dry skin issues, often characterized by dry patches, intense itchiness, and noticeable redness. Although eczema usually develops on feet, hands, and joints, it can occur anywhere on the body, including the eyelids, scalp, and face.  Unfortunately, eczema is a widespread problem, afflicting both adults and children alike, in large numbers, most of whom suffer sporadic flare-ups. What is worse, there is no cure for it. Dermatologists typically advise using moisturizers …

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