How Marijuana Helps Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, a mental health issue responsible for extreme mood swings, can be very unpredictable. Sufferers experience a range of emotions ranging from low, depressive moods to high, manic episodes, and many self-medicate with Marijuana delivery. However, is cannabis helpful for bipolar disorder, or does it worsen the condition? Some studies suggest avoiding it if you have bipolar; others recommend it. Living with Bipolar Disorder Those suffering with bipolar disorder might have other symptoms too, particularly those resembling psychosis. These include delusions, where patients believe facts that simply are not true, and hallucinations, where one hears or sees things that frankly are not there. The emotional rollercoaster of this condition can affect day-to-day life significantly, reducing the ability to function and live normally. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition. Patients are only able to manage their extreme mood changes and other symptoms with therapy and prescription drugs, both …

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