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Will Thailand Be A Major Player in the Cannabis Industry

Earlier this year, thanks to intense lobbying from cannabis activists, Thailand now allows patients to use medical marijuana. Recently, the country also made it legal to grow a few plants at home. It seems to be moving toward full legalization, with an eye on its estimated profits, of course. It has plans for industry, progressive ones at that, and now some are wondering how big of a player it will be on the global stage.  Path to Legalization As 2018 ended, the military government in Thailand approved medical use of cannabis for legitimate patients. It was an enormous step. One that triggered a series of rapid events. Now, the country intends distributing about 10,000 bottles of cannabis oil to its various hospitals. By 2020, its Government Pharmaceutical Organization, or GPO, intends upping production to around 200,000 bottles.  The Thailand government stands to profit handsomely. As more countries legalize and reform …

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