Cannabis: A Natural Treatment for Anorexia

If you have ever tried cannabis, you likely know all about the “munchies.” An insatiable hunger that empties refrigerators in record time. The fact that marijuana causes this side effect begs the question: Can it treat eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa? Scientists have been studying the effects of weed on cancer- and HIV/AIDS-associated anorexia, or cachexia, for decades already. However, little research exists on whether cannabis would treat the most famous anorexia, that being nervosa, a disease of the mind. This is sad considering the number of people affected and the consequences of leaving it untreated. The National Eating Disorders Association says up to 30 million people develop eating disorders during their lives, of which anorexia is the most common. Among the youngest clients for weed delivery in Los Angeles, statistics are even worse. The National Institute of Mental Health claims that 25 percent of college-going students have some …

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