Our Top 5 Marijuana Loving Celebs

As we’re still a little loved up in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a look at our top crushes of 2016 who have made Cannabis News so far this year.  With these personalities supporting such a great cause, we can have hope for the future of cannabis and medical marijuana in the US. Carl Hart – Medical Dispensary Research Dr. Carl Hart is someone who all sapiosexuals can get excited about.  This guy is all brains, as well as being one of the most inspiring cannabis researchers around.  He is not only a professor of psychiatry and psychology, but he is also a neuroscientist.  He is based at the prestigious Columbia University and his specialism is drug research to make sure for example, that the cannabis you buy from the Medical Dispensary is effective and safe.  He is also the first black tenured professor at the …

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