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France Shuts Down Its Cannabis Coffee Shops

Several weed-selling coffee shops have been opening in Paris, France’s capital city, under the radar for a few months. French authorities opened an investigation into whether one of them is operating within the confines of the law. The law has a gaping grey area that these new pot-selling cafes have been taking advantage of most enthusiastically, which is the lack of classification for hemp-derived cannabidiol. The products that these shops sell can only contain 0.02 percent THC, which means that they do not have any effect on the mind. They cannot make users stoned, unlike traditional marijuana widely available on the black market. Most cannot see the fuss, but officials from the prosecutor’s office have a different opinion. According to a legal source, who spoke at length with Le Parisien, the prosecutor’s office charged drug investigators with the job of conducting a preliminary investigation to “verify whether the legal conditions …

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