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How Weed Works Against Diabetes

The scientific discoveries of cannabis continue apace. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved a cannabinoid-based epilepsy treatment already. Research is reaching fever pitch. That drug-approval, called Epidiolex, legitimized the viable treatment of various illnesses with the active constituents of medical marijuana. In plain speak; it admitted effectiveness of cannabinoids as therapeutic medicine. While weed delivery explodes in popularity, the most urgent and promising fields of research involves studying the effects of cannabis on diabetes patients and on the disease itself. Millions of folks across the world suffer this debilitating condition. They need relief urgently, from both the insanely high cost of treating diabetes, as well as from the actual symptoms. For diabetics, symptoms areDispensary in Santa Monica very severe. The Growth of Diabetes Diabetes is among the most difficult diseases to treat. It is also among the most prevalent. Prediabetes or diabetes now afflicts over 100 million adults living …

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