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Latest in Marijuana Laws Landmark for California: Residents Rejoice

A new California marijuana law has been applauded by advocates and Californian residents alike. The law is set to assist those that have previous marijuana convictions marring their records. The new law will help to expunge these records or, at the very least, re-examine the ruling and/or sentences. Governor Jerry Brown signed this law into effect on Sunday night. The Assembly Bill 1793 was supported by the majority in the California State Legislature. Before this bill, it was an arduous process to go through and Californians that had marijuana convictions were desperately seeking a resolution to clean their records. Rodney Holcombe, a representative from the Drug Policy Alliance based in New York, was quoted as saying that this new bill in the latest marijuana laws is transformative and “creates an opportunity for people to reclaim their lives.” The Drug Policy Alliance is a national organization that focuses on actively supporting …

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