Effects of Cannabis

Study Finds Pot Worse for Teen Brains than Booze

A recent study found weed affecting the cognitive health of adolescents more than alcohol does. It also found those unwanted effects persisting even after they stop using it. With nine states legalizing marijuana already, as well as the District of Columbia, recreational use is increasingly common. However, researchers are cautious as they study its effects on the developing brain. The long-term repercussions of weed on the adolescent brain have long been a subject of intense debate, even controversy, as political factions war each other. Now, researchers at the University of Montreal have conclusive evidence that frequent consumption, particularly among those who start early in life, is much more likely to stagnate or otherwise restrict their thinking capacity. Studying Long-Term Response to Early Weed Use Published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the study analyzed 3,800 teenagers over four years, all attending schools in the Montreal area and all joining the …

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