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5 Pot Strains that Pack a Potent Punch

Amongst the new cannabis experimentalists and the medicinal users, there is a section of the cannabis community that is creeping out from the shadows. This seasoned shadow surfer has been using cannabis for years and, now that cannabis is spreading with legality, is looking for a stronger strain than usual. Perhaps you are one of these, or perhaps you are just looking for a strain strong and pure enough to deal with some serious symptoms that you need relief from. Many people often want to know which strains are the strongest and the answers will vary depending on the cultivators, the cultivation, and the harvesting as well. However, there are strains that, genetically speaking, harbour the most efficient percentage of cannabinoids to get you green juices flowing. THC seems to be the leader when it comes to potency however there are many other factors and compounds that play a significant …

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