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Ways to Grow Marijuana for Producing Concentrate

Most people prefer their weed in bud form, so until recently, most growers prioritized the highest yields to maximize profits. However, with a burgeoning market for concentrates promises lucrative returns, many are choosing to focus on this sector instead. Cultivating cannabis for concentrates is different from growing for bud. To have flower suitable for extraction, it must produce trichomes in abundance. Trichomes are the new priority. Otherwise called resin or sugar, they are sticky, glandular crystals that develop on flowers, and this is where the plant’s valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are most potent. For some, the cost of weed delivery is cheaper than making a concentrate, but with new rosin pressing technology, it is becoming more affordable as growers make quality oil at home. Choosing the Right Plant If your plan is to concentrate the potency, flavor, and effects of a particular strain, then it is wise to start …

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