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Loophole Lawsuit by California’s Growers Association against State

The group of cannabis cultivators, farmers and marijuana dispensaries, farms and other minor businesses are contesting the regulations set out by the state in November 2017. This comes in an effort to help protect their growing businesses against the larger corporation and businesses. These large-scale investors could force the minor farmers and entrepreneurs out of business. On November 23 a lawsuit was filed against the state Department of Food and Agriculture for their lack in enforcing restrictions on the total amount of growing licenses that may be obtained by any person or company. Thereby allowing the large-scale patron to operate vast companies and corporations, squeezing out the local cannabis dispensaries, farmers, weed delivery services, and other small-scale, locally operated business. The large-scale companies could occupy the marketplace if the state does not implement a limit on how many licenses can be gained by a single company or individual. This failure …

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