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With New Law, You Can Now Wipe Out Your Past If You Were Convicted for Growing Marijuana at Home

In the past, one could be convicted for growing marijuana at home. In fact, there were thousands of cases involving illegal marijuana growing every year. As a result, some of them were convicted and are now serving varying jail terms depending on the crimes they had committed. With the passing of the new law that makes it legal to use the drug for medical purposes and grow not more than six plants at home, one can have their case reviewed, and the conviction wiped out. However, that does not mean that everyone in jail will be released now that the law has legalized cannabis. Remember that as at now, the law is not yet fully implemented. But still with the new law governing the marijuana industry, some crimes remain punishable. So Which Cases Can Be Cleared Under the New Law? One of the provisions in the new cannabis law allows …

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