Height Restriction for Cannabis Plants

Legalization Bill Drops One-Meter Height Restriction for Cannabis Plants

A Liberal clause in the marijuana legalization bill would have put Canadians before a prosecutor if their pot plants grew more than one meter tall. Fortunately, a Commons health committee dropped it on Tuesday. Critics had called the provision arbitrary, with a high potential to cause even more headaches for police and cultivators alike. For example, a report leaked from the police and corrections ministry in Ontario noted outright that “people could be criminalized for small amounts of overproduction” under the Liberals’ clause. Don Davies, New Democratic Party Member of Parliament, called the one-meter law “very difficult to enforce.” Anyone who has ever had a weed plant knows how fast it can grow out of control. “Cultivators might break the law simply by providing fertilizer and water and going away for a week’s vacation,” Davies explained. It is good that folks were paying attention, because the rule, as written originally, …

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