Hemp Wick

What is Hemp Wick - And How to Use It

As awareness about cannabis grows, and acceptance of it, more and more people are visiting a dispensary in Santa Monica. There has been a shift, a drastic one, towards organic and safer methods of consumption since legalization in California, which has led to the introduction of hemp wicks. If their popularity is due their pleasant smell or lack of pollutants, hemp wicks are now a staple for the masses.  What are Hemp Wicks? Hemp wicks are like any other burnable wicks, just made from all natural, organic hemp and dipped in beeswax. Their purpose is to make lighting joints, bongs, bowls, and other smokables safer than using butane lighters. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, butane suppresses the central nervous system and has other harmful effects. This is why folks use hemp wicks to light their buds.  Furthermore, hemp wick tastes much better than butane, and it is …

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