how to get a dispensary license in california

How to Start Your Own Marijuana Dispensary in California

Tyler Stratford, director of client operations at Canna Advisors, one of the North America’s top marijuana consulting companies, shared some important tips for anyone ambitious enough to license a marijuana dispensary in California. In a recent article, he followed that up with even more tips to open a marijuana dispensary online and on location, as well as to run it efficiently after winning your license. Before jumping in, Stratford recommends setting a specific timeline for when your doors will open. He said, “In some markets, it will be restricted. They will give you six months before you have to be certified, staffed, and ready to open your doors.” Other markets, however, are significantly more lax. He advises establishing a target date and working backwards from there. You need to focus on creating two basic timelines: a timeline for company building and another for the physical building. Stratford explains how to …

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