how to legalize marijuana

Four Years after Legalization, Colorado’s Illegal Pot Market Thriving

When Colorado started selling weed back in 2014, its government had a plan. The idea was to tax and regulate a product so widely consumed already, squeezing out longtime farmers and distributors in the process. However, the police now claim that legalization has had the opposite effect entirely. The black market is positively thriving, even with the over 500-and-counting legal pot shops dotting the state. Criminal gangs are growing weed in Colorado and then smuggling it into states that have yet to legalize. This way, they boost their profits. Within state borders, underground business is booming too. This is simply because consumers prefer their trusted dealers of yesteryear, and the high prices that dispensaries ask are unaffordable for most of them. However, investigators blame this flourishing trade on state cultivation laws being overly kind and difficult to police. As Canada gets ready to legalize it, some industry insiders spoke to …

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