Illegal Marijuana Market

Marijuana Marketing Challenges Attract Public Relations Firms

United States citizens want marijuana to be legal nationwide. Over 60 percent support legalization, a number that, since 2000, has almost doubled. Currently, nine states and Washington D.C. permit the use of it recreationally, and 30 states have implemented comprehensive programs for marijuana. You would think with such access and support that marijuana marketing would be extremely easy. However, because of constantly changing state regulations and it being illegal at the federal level, promoting a cannabis business can be more than a little frustrating. Thanks to the federal government’s outdated drug policies, it is impossible to advertise pot companies in any traditional way. Thus far, social media and its various platforms have been the main platform for the industry to get the word out. Even social media has its risks, though: Channels that have anything to do with marijuana are fast disappearing from YouTube. Facebook is shutting down the profiles …

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