Ingredients Of Cannabis Oil

Can Marijuana Be An Alternative To Conventional Skin Treatments?

Have you ever had an idea, how marijuana could actually be the answer to all your skin problems?The use of cannabis has always been debated, but recent studies in the medicine show that it can actually cure certain serious skin conditions. Numerous cultures have been using marijuana to cure skin infections, burns, and wounds since centuries. In fact, the Chinese emperor Shin-Nung was called the “Father of Chinese Medicine” due to his success in using weed for treatment. Though cannabis therapy is not readily encouraged, many people have experienced relief through this magical her Why Do Skin Ailments Occur? Chronic skin ailments occur due to genetic, environmental or lifestyle influences. Lifestyle influences include obesity, smoking, poor health, stress, poor diet, alcohol and certain medical prescriptions. Environmental influences include climate changes or even dramatic changes in humidity. Most people consult dermatologists, but conventional medicine often worsens the situation. For example, isotretinoin …

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